Donald Duck – Trick Or Treat (1952)


One Response to “Donald Duck – Trick Or Treat (1952)”

  1. Kajrris,

    This video is a HALLOWEEN CLASSIC. It came out a year after I was born, and I remember it well–even then my parents would dress me up in the most zany of Halloween attires! We take Halloween very seriously in my family, and I like what you are doing here, Kajrris.

    I am working on a new Halloween album. It will be much darker than my 1996 release, Halloween Howls. Please see my website for my personal review of that classic collection of bangers! I am thinking of trying duets this time around. My people have already contacted the likes of Bono, Lady Ga Ga, T-Pain, and, one of my personal favs, The Haunted.

    So, keep up the good work. All the ghastly ghouls of darkness are watching over you. You have a special place always in my heart.

    – Andrew Gold

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