Halloween Pasta No. 1

Orange Bell Pepper (Orange works best, as it’s halloweeny. any color will do.)
Vinegar (preferably Malt)
Cinnamon and/or dry Pumpkin Pie Spice
Pasta (preferably black spaghetti, which can be purchased at Target… sometimes)
Olive Oil (or butter… something to coat the skillet and put on the pasta at the end)
… pot to boil the pasta in?

Vague Instructions:
Chop the bell pepper into relatively bite size pieces
in a separate bowl, add in the chopped bell pepper, pour vinegar (just enough to coat the bell pepper)
Sprinkle around 2-3 tablespoons of cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice on top of the vinegary bell peppers
Let that sit, making sure bell peppers are covered in the vinegar marinade

Now, bowl some pasta. Eh… a cup and a half to two cups of pasta per pepper? Somewhere around there. You can add salt to the water to taste if you’d like. You know, general pasta cooking stuff. Check the box.

Stir around the peppers to make sure it’s marinating on all sides.

Get a skillet nice and hotish (not too hot as you don’t want to scald the olive oil or butter, but hot enough so water sizzles a little bit if you sprinkle it in the skillet)
add the olive oil / butter
Around when the pasta starts boiling, use a fork to take the peppers out of the marinade and begin cooking them in the preheated skillet.

Move the pan around like you see chefs doing at restaurants. You know, quick back and forth movements with a kind of flip motion at the end… or use a wooden utensil to stir the around so they sauté evenly.

Pasta should be done (nice and al dente around when the peppers are starting to turn a little black in places)

I drain the pasta and then throw it in with the peppers for a second to get some of the juices into the pasta. Stir it around for a minute or two and then carefully get the pasta and peppers into a bowl.

You could also substitute pasta for rice… as long as it’s black. Black and Orange is what we’re going for here.

I stir it around in the bowl and maybe add a little olive oil and seasoning of your choice. Just a pinch, as you kind of want to smell the cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice along with the vinegar.

Then eat it while thinking about something Halloweeny or Autumny.

I think i’ll try nutmeg next time.

September 25, 2010 – I think i’ll try grilling the peppers. That’d be amazing.


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